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Adrian Miskelly is the director of Plug Creative Limited. Adrian has a B. Des in Visual Communications Design from Victoria University in New Zealand.
Plug Creative is a unique creative service that specialises in conceptual development, design and content creation for events and conferences.
The idea around Plug is in its capabilities to offer a service that "plugs" into an existing infrastructure to help larger organisations to develop ideas and concepts for large scale events, experiences and conferences.


The strategy behind plug is a three pronged approach:


A solid grounding in corporate design and brand management, Plug has a vast amount of experience in Blue Chip Brand Management and event development. Adrian Miskelly has 21 years experience as a designer, motion graphics expert and Creative Director. 12 years specifically in the Creative Direction of events ranging from 25 people to well over 4000. In that 12 year period plug has been a strategic part of over 400 events for organisations such as Cisco Systems, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Samsung, Orange, O2, Chrysler, Lamborghini, Astra Zeneca, Syngenta, Centaur Publishing, Audi, BAA to name a few. Prior to this Plug was designing and developing Corporate Branding, specialising in computer graphics and web design.



A fusion of Creative capabilities and a solid base in strategic experience design for the corporate sector, using most forms of content generation with a specialty in Motion Graphics. Plug is able to fuse itself into a larger organisation to develop exciting concepts and ideas that have a solid grounding in Strategic message transfer. Whether the medium is paper, electronic or a live performance - the main priority for Plug is to ensure the hairs will stand up at the back of your neck behind every concept.


From Award Shows, Road Shows, Gala dinners, Incentive events, Exhibitions, week long Conferences to Corporate Parties, Plug has had the experience to ensure that when it comes to the show going live - it will always exceed the clients expectations and will always be a memorable experience for the delegate or intended audience.

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